Monday, March 8, 2010

Though You May Not Feel

Dear Friend,

I wrote this short poem last night; let me know what you think. It's a poem about disconnectedness and consistency. Often I don't feel God's love in any real meaningful sense; that's what this poem is about.

"Though You May Not Feel"
Daniel R. Diffenderfer

Though you may not feel the warmth of summer on your face

The sun still shines beyond the lines of trees and cityscapes

Though you may not see the stars sparkle in the sky at night

The heavens still glitter above litter-ing clouds and citylights

Though you may not feel the breath of earth kiss gently upon your face

The wind still dances beyond these trenches, the urban cityblockades

Though you may not feel the warmth of my hands, the light of my eyes, the touch of my lips

My love still burns.

Be good,


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